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Celebrating the Cliche


Salma has found her Saleem!

Islamic protocol does not involve betrothals or bachelors’ parties or bridal showers as pre-wedding rituals. We just have the planetarians sighting each other (one being from Mars and the other from Venus), the relatives can be intergalactic for all we care as long as the two protagonists like each other.

Yesterday I went to attend one such sighting and oh! What fun!  Saleem turned out to be a delightful surprise having foregone all manners of gender protypical behavior, he insisted on serving everybody himself much to the amusement of the gathered elders.  Salma, being the shy person she is, withdrew into a shell of polite smiles but Saleem, being -the -person- he- is, took charge and cracked open the clam with tactful humor. Alhamdulillah, I’ve never seen my cousin happier, having heard endless litanies of no-no-no-no to any suggestion of tying the knot before this, she had not a murmur of protest left in her after Saleem’s diligence. Hats off to you Saleem bhai!

Adding to the gaiety was the ludicrous crowning of the agreement with images of ‘Saleem weds Salma’ popping in our heads. Can’t wait till the wedding 😀 ! Here’s praying for their happiness in this world and in the hereafter. Ameen.

﴿وَالَّذِينَ يَقُولُونَ رَبَّنَا هَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَجِنَا وَذُرِّيَّـتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْيُنٍ﴾

“Our Lord! Bestow on us from our wives and our offspring the comfort of our eyes…”

      The Glorious Qur’an, 25:74.


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Post-Ramadan Blues


Now that Eid has come and gone, as always I’m finding it difficult to get back to the ‘rest- of- the -year’ rhythm. It’s a sad truth that it always comes to this, I should be feeling up and ready to go tackle the rest of the year with what I’ve gathered from Ramadan, but my lance always droops and the armor takes on more dents than it can handle, and by the approach of another Ramadan, I crawl into its mercy- battle weary.


 Insha Allah we grow stronger every Ramadan and it won’t amount to such monumental disppointment with ourselves each time.

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Cake Frost


After many pleas, much whining and emotional blackmail from the younger siblings, I had to give in and bake a chocolate cake for them. But I’m the eternal rebel when it comes to certain things, I don’t listen to my siblings without taking personal delight in the end results. Hence, mule headed moi must come up with a snazzy- quick- fix -all -around plan. I could douse that insatiable desire to do something ‘different’ with all things edible and this desire had reared its ugly head one too many times during the course of this month. I turned a cold shoulder of disdain to my old ‘tried and tested’ chocolate cake recipe and dived in head first to try another method. The results were a fudge, so to speak. It came out to resemble a brownie in all its heart-failing splendor. I say heart-failing for more reasons than one- Other being that it has enough butter to wipe out an entire cardiac unit and send fresh candidates for fill up. It lies on the wire-rack now abandoned by my faux health-freak siblings and partially devoured by other visiting, interested parties. So much for making an effort! Meanwhile, my siblings are back to whining- claiming that this was below the belt and petitioning for another chocolate cake from the ol’ school.

The rebel lives but with a lost voice-temporarily.

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Gathering Rahmah

In Sujood

CIS(Centre for Islamic Studies), my previously favouritest hangouts had organized an Iftar get-together for the old and the new crowd, patrons, new muslims and interested non-muslims. It was a roar! (I reserve my opinion about it being a success or not). Subhan Allah it was wonderful seeing the good ‘ol gang, Huda – The momma bear, ‘undercover’ imp, Zehra- the 6 degrees connection to practically anyone in the world was written with her in mind, Aisha- with her unassuming, sedate presence, Sarah- the Buzz that we all need in our lives and menmeny aunties who keep wondering (loudly) when the unmarried sisters might be getting married.

But ofcourse with joyous emotions running high there must be some melodrama, horrors if we’re are ever spared! Sniffly confrontations, uncontrolled outbursts painfully punctuated the flow of the evening. I guess, it was better out in the air than a neurotic obsession about who’s thinking what. I carefully steered away from the vicinity, I wish I could say it was ‘tact’, ‘subtleties ‘ of social etiquette but can’t. It was plain and true escape. I found refuge in entertaining the many lil Abdullahs, Hamzas, Maryams, etc. With that many sisters around with equally many adorable children of closely bumping ages and yes, there being two of every name who has the time for theatrics?  The quiet prevailed with twitching, frowny lil scrunched up faces a hair breadth’s away from the close of the Imam’s talk then it was just another playground. The chairs made do as a wobbling maze and an advantage while dodging opponents with screaming delight!  

The Imam gave a talk on the dangers of sectarianism in Islam and straying away from the Qur’an and Sunnah, it put many thoughts in my head which I assure you are worth far more than measly pennies, I pray the message reached across those in need of such reminders.  Dinner followed and it was the sacrilegious-if-it-changes-menu of Biryani, Tandoori and Meetha.  I went the whole hog on the chai , I drained three cups under my niqab, muhahahaha. Huda wanted to have a ‘nouveau’ experience and therefore talked me into accompanying her to the Veg section. I warmed up to the idea when I heard they were serving dahi vadas* smack* Alright alright I know I’m painting it to be a food orgy which it was not! Between mouthfuls we also discussed about resuscitating the halaqa circle after Ramadan, Insha Allah.

The highlight of the day was standing for the Maghrib Salah en masse. It was the chance I’d been looking for all Ramadan, to pray in a gathering of the devout- it’s like the prayers’ ka-ching counter, you’ve hit Jackpot I tell you! The angels descend on such gatherings and pray alongside for the acceptance of the prayers of the gathered and Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala never fails to be Benevolent J.

I shall soon post about any upcoming activities of the sistah-hood, Insha Allah. Anybody who can make it is invited. If my guess’s good, it shall be about remaining steadfast after Ramadan, I’m looking forward to the Iman shot, long time-paltry high.

PS: CIS has been my ex-favourite only coz the sisters aren’t meeting anymore, having deluded themselves with ‘marriage? children? pah! easy-breezy!’ and having hit by wailing meteorites of reality, they are now attempting to crawl out of their craters, Alhamdulillah. After which mortal struggle, it’ll top my charts again. This PS does seem endless but one must be wondering (euphesimistic skimming for wha the? why?!?, tellmetellme) about my singlehood whining about marital fetters. Well, the hood travels, meets and discusses in groups, 99.9% of which are married and the singles can only go blink-blink at glaring headlights before the truck rolls over, then you’re perpetually stuck saying, ‘yay! let’s meet up-oh!ok!really!noproblemnexttime’, ‘yay!let’s mee-ohoknoproblemnexttime’ but when we do meet up—speak up I can’t hear you! 😀

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Hello! I just blogleaped 🙂 The ‘why’ comes with a story you don’t want to know- come to think of it , it’s not much of a story either. So ‘YAY!’ for me and the ride, dear blogistan(to borrow the favoured term), is on the house! 😀

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