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The regular Joe Abdullah is in search of the Super-Muslimah. Br. Joe Abdullah will attend numerous talks, seminars on Islam. He makes it a point to never miss a halaqa or the study circle. When the brothers decide that he’s been single long enough, they ask him to start working on his Bio-data for circulation amongst the sisters. The bio-data arrives running well into 5 pages at the least, all detailing the requirements of the sister, with the first paragraph vaguely attempting to provide details about him.

The brothers will peruse through the magna-cum-laude and exclaim ‘MashaAllah!’ in unison. They will promptly take copies home to their wives so that they can pass along the booklet onto other single sisters. Once the sisters have searched the document for any hopes of making it even by hair’s breadth, they realize it’s a pitifully hopeless case. No sister could compete with THAT! The ‘leisure time activities’ requirement should be read twice or more –very carefully- just so, to make sure that it’s for real.

When the booklet is approaching its end, you can see in very small text like a statutory warning, ‘Important requirement- Must be fair and beautiful.’, this is apart from that requirement that reminds the sister that she should also be from a ‘respectable’ and educated, ‘decently well-off’ family background; no matter her level of eeman, the struggles she had to face in getting to this state, the family that has abandoned her.

Br. Joe Abdullah I pray someday you open your eyes to see greater beauty than what your blindness demands, I pray that you feel ashamed for strait-jacketing this sister ‘full of eman and taqwah’ into such petty requirements, I pray that someday you repent this grand-production of a booklet and know that a real muslimah is far above all this as is a real muslim. Attending every Halaqa, Study circle and talk that there is does not make you a worthier or more perceptive muslim than others if you’re still stuck in the above collusion. I pray that you wake-up before it’s too late.

 P.S: This is dedicated to all those sisters who had to go through similar straits and to all the sisters at my halaqa circle whose beauty far precedes such farcical definitions.


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