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What is Dhulm?

I’ve always read that one of the strong motivators that drive people to achieve is the attitude of ‘showing it to them that I can do it!’, I’ve always felt somewhat lack luster in the face of such enthusiasm because I doubt the credibility of the source of such motivation itself. I’d rather do something because this is how one should be, achieve because any other way to live is to short change oneself, what islamically I’ve come to understand is a form of ‘Dhulm’ upon oneself, to oppress oneself. 

Allah SWT constantly warns us that He does not favor the Dhalimeen, the oppressors. This oppression is always envisioned as something outside of us, political, territorial, religious, etc but I think as a self-reminder I need to put this down, dhulm can come from within oneself. When we fail to check our nafs, when we neglect our souls, when we aren’t completely committed to tasks, relationships, living life to the fullest, there is dhulm happening right there. Subhan Allah!

May Allah SWT Protect me from external and internal oppression and I pray for the entire worlds that they be free from such oppression by the Immense Mercy of Allah SWT. Aameen ya Rabbul ‘Alameen.


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