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I love the header! 🙂 Give it up for Zaufishan for the colors and her awesome Muslimness! 😀


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When people get the first glimpse of my library, I can always hear my internal groan in great, painful clarity. ‘Oh my! Look at this!’ and I can tell by the gleam in their eyes and sometimes ecstatic comments that follow, they think of me as some sort of a formidable scholar, no amount of correcting changes their opinion. Truth is, I can hardly claim to have read some of those tomes of wisdom at all, most of them I’ve skimmed half-heartedly drawing to half-formed conclusions or hot-footed theories that I wouldn’t voice out loud if put in a spot. Sometimes, I skip reading many chapters altogether, selfishly reading only what I want for the time-being- I’ve always come away feeling guilty, like I’ve betrayed the author in some way.

Here, is where I tell you just why I’m the faux intellectual. Every ‘intellectual’ I’ve heard of can reel off wise quotations or verses or even theories with unassuming poise. Funny, I’ve always thought it as a mark of an intellectual, reeling off something or the other from memory but always spewing wisdom with certainty. (Does this signify the fact that I put too much into appearances and am altogether superficial or am I just reiterating what I and perhaps many others have been led to believe? )

But what I’ve come to conclude with or without this luminous fact 😀 is that I’m a fraud, a faux intellectual, trapped in the image that my library presents. The books that I’ve read and endeavour to read are supposed to be the fodder of the intellectuals-who, like I mentioned before, take this printed wisdom to their hearts, ingrain it in their minds and cleanse their souls. My only claim is to a vague grasp of these glittering pieces that are all too easily forgotten. I might’ve gasped on the momentous occasion of discovering the remarkable but unfailingly lose sight of application sooner than later. I know the implications of this are far greater and scarier than I can imagine especially since a Muslim shall be tested with greater severity if he/she was a scholar who failed to apply what was learnt. My case would have the stamp of ‘GUILTY’ all over it, even before I drew a breath to plead. Sigh*

This brings me to the question of what really is this ‘Intellect’ but the answer I shall save it for some other day in the light of the fact that I have only elusive wisps to secure and those I haven’t.


Faux Intellectual

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Romantic Foibles

I’ve been wasting away my time, shamefully. Dare, I admit it? Reading regency romances. There, I said it. It’s out in the open, you can laugh at me now and throw as many squishy pies as you want- I deserve it.


I’ve gathered during this limbo much wisdom- that virginal beauties of ethereal kind drive violent beasts of handsome heroes to passionate distraction and domesticate them with loving devotion, all the while glowing more brightly than your next-door light-house. Even with a perpetual smirk on my face, I still couldn’t put the darned books down, what vile depravity is this, pray, tell me?


I’ve resolved (falling much in line with the New Year lunacy) that I shall stop this pursuit of nonsense. Even though, I find lucrative prospects in the form of regency-psychotherapy- ‘The Virginal’ idea, the healer of all blighted souls, rescuer of the damned. No? I can’t complain.


The sands of time have just gotten in my hair and are slowly seeping into my brain to throw the wheels out of gear.


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Role Reversals


Cultural de rigueur is sometimes so mindless that it oversteps the borders of plain hilarity to plain craziness. My friend decided to go into relapse after having sworn off all social glitterati gatherings by attending a wedding of the unknowns i.e., you only know that your parents know them of course but you were clueless until the invite showed up with an insistent ‘with family’ in bold letters and loudly insistent invitors along with it.


She decided to tag along with the all-game-for-it party and had very important insights about many people in general- will they ever get a life? Having had to suffer from the guilt of pigging out on the buffet of the unknowns, to make her misery greater, she had to socialize with the relatives of the unknowns. Nosey MALE relatives who asked her with abominable impudence if she was single or hooked… 😉 it’s another thing that her pointed MYOB looks slid off the wall around their heads. In addition, the fact that they are leaning so close into your face that you can count the hair in their eyebrows is not helping.


Getting back to what the intention of this post was, my friend notices the that bride has been on the stage smiling prettily sitting on the imitation Victorian-georgian-elizebethan- whatchamacallit contraption of a chair all alone. The traditional ghagra is draped daintily all around her and her head is covered with a veil of exaggerated workmanship. Oh! & What do you turn around to see! The bride groom has arrived amidst a jolly rallying herd of relatives, the poor guy is lead by a trustworthy friend lest he might trip and fall over his lavish 9 yards Sehra. I shall attempt to describe what a sehra looks like, it’s a head gear made up entirely of jasmine flowers and from which extend long strings of jasmine flowers and roses or any other flowers of your liking. You might add to this sweet-smelling strangeness by stringing in party glitter- ribbons. The bridegroom then proceeds to sit beside the bride. To give it to them, maybe they are saving the girl from the scare of a lifetime?


This is what the Muslim weddings have come to, cultural manifestations of the ridiculous. Where the woman is in greater need of covering her modesty what in the world is the man doing by covering himself from head-to-toe with strings of flowers??? He grins at people by parting the curtain of flowers that is covering his face! It’s not a surprise that my friend came back with a sober – contemplative mind, how far can one go astray from the truth? The band flown-in from another state to play at the gathering helped only in increasing the intensity of this question. May Allah (SWT) always guide us to what is right and give us the courage to step away from the norm to do what is right.


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Hello! I just blogleaped 🙂 The ‘why’ comes with a story you don’t want to know- come to think of it , it’s not much of a story either. So ‘YAY!’ for me and the ride, dear blogistan(to borrow the favoured term), is on the house! 😀

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