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Harpy and loving it.


The Notice I’d want to use outside the Centre for Islamic Studies,


Assalamualaikum dearest one and all,

Is it really so hard to put in a 10Rs Note from your exaggerated or not monthly earnings? If you haven’t noticed there’s a lonely looking piggy bank sitting right there, yes ‘piggy’ bank, there’s nothing here to go ‘astighfirullah!’ about- it’s just a name for pete’s sake! The piggy bank couldn’t help being named that way and incidentally a Pig, in spite of its ill-repute is still Allah’s (swt) creation and He knows best. Ok, digression. Sorry. What I wanted to really say is that you might’ve given generously about two months ago a neatly folded 10 Rs note or bright-shiny coins and this might be enough for you to ride the generosity float for quite sometime but really you must know that it’s not enough for the people who will be recipient of your blip-like generosity. Although they won’t complain, I feel the need to take you up by the collar and shake you till you see reason. And in this state of shock and disgruntle, excusing yourself with the tail between the legs is not enough, please go visit the lonely piggy bank and make it happy.


Thank you.


PS: our Piggy Bank is not even made after its namesake, it’s a Barbie doll trunk!


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