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I’m in the middle of this program, ITEP (Islamic Teachers Education Program) conducted by the University of Toronto, online and I love the introduction to a new way of thinking. Last week we had assignments to read up on different Islamic philosophers, I chose Mulla Sadra. I couldn’t help but agree with most of his teachings and find it remarkable that they had that kind of insight centuries ago, much before our double blind experiments and regressive analysis 😛 but I did find it difficult to agree with those bits that adhered to the concept of ‘wahdatul wujood’, oneness with god. I mean, how can scholars of such insight overlook what can be not just impossible but violate the very relationship with the Divine when we corrupt it with our own aspirations that Allah SWT and His messenger (peace be upon him) have warned about over and over again?

I did speak up about the problematic nature of engagement with such thought streams especially when you’re working at establishing something that is firm as opposed to whimsical, human as opposed to angelic,plain honest as opposed to circuitous. I’m coming to terms with my own understanding of this enormous responsibility towards the nature of aqeedah, fiqh, revealed sciences and the Islamization of all fields which is impossible to perfect in this lifetime but whatever attempts that be made in this short span, May it be of a beautiful testimony, Aameen.


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Heart Strings

In the middle of a shift, it’s Riyadh to Dammam now, InshaAllah. Walhamdulillah, it has been an adventure so far, my to-do list is endless. 😀 I can’t say I don’t want a long holiday back home, just basking in the love of the good ‘ol troop is therapeutic, MashaAllah. ❤ Yes, that's how much I louwe them that I can't speak of them without the less than arrow and a 3 union 😀 ! I can't believe it's a year now, healing is such a slow process but I know one thing that's true for myself, dealing with the loss of a loved doesn't mean the tears won't come when you remember them but the sentiment is accompanied by an overwhelming gratitude for the little time you spent with them, the shared memories and also the possibility of a meeting that we can look forward in a place far, far more beautiful than anything we can imagine.

May you grow up in the shade of the Divine with unrestrained joy my lil Yahya! Aameen!

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